Archive | July, 2017

Why Can’t You Trap Light Inside a Box?

Light Scattering – Difuse reflection can occur because of surface roughness or internal irregularities such as grain boundaries in polycrystalline solids. Light absorption – Deals on lasers – It seems that if want a really old photon, you start with a fresh blue one and it ages into red and infrared. – […]

How to Drill a Hole Lengthwise in a Board

How to Drill a Hole Lengthwise in a Board Good forum for drilling lengthwise in a log – It seems a screw/auger type, speed bore drill bit is the way to go. Use a trough for the bit, or some type of guide and rail system to keep the bit in-line.

Blackbeard’s Ship Confirmed Off North Carolina

After studying the wreckage since 1995, researchers have concluded that the ship is that of Blackbeard that ran aground on a sandbar in 1718

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